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Retail Businesses

Surface Protection Program for Retail

How to Reduce Your Cleaning Costs
While Providing a Healthier Environment for Associates and Customers

Image and cleanliness are essential to creating a positive shopping environment and experience, which retailers hope will encourage repeat business. Our Surface Protection Program will create a customized cleaning solution that’s based on your facility, your staffing levels, and your peak periods of traffic.

When associates or customers pick up infections in a retail store, the usual sources are “hot spots” such as shopping carts, shopping baskets, demonstrator models of computers and other electronic devices, sofas for customers viewing demonstrator televisions, checkout conveyor belts, changing rooms and rest rooms. Accumulations of germs (microbes, including bacteria, viruses, algae and mold) in these places cause cross-contamination that spreads illness from person to person. Most cleaning methods don’t prevent cross-contamination. Our Surface Protection Program does.

The Surface Protection Program is an affordable, biological-based (green) cleaning method. The Surface Protection Program uses advanced technologies to deep-clean these hot spots – and keep everything germ-free for up to three months.

By scientifically attacking cross-contamination, the Surface Protection Program provides a much cleaner store for your associates, customers and community. It can pay for itself by reducing your cleaning costs overall.

If you manage a supermarket, electronics store, home center, clothing store, shopping center, or other kind of retail store, you can demonstrate that you diligently protect the health of your community. Because the SPP can scientifically measure contamination levels before and after treatment, your use of the Surface Protection Program offers proof, not just words.

Summary of Services

Our Surface Protection Program includes:

1.  ATP testing of furniture, fixtures and portable items at your property, to determine contamination levels.

2.  Disinfect all surfaces with EPA approved Level 4 disinfectant Sniper, an environmentally friendly, non-toxic disinfectant that kills all active bacteria and germs, and more importantly has been tested to kill spores of all well-known contaminants such as staph, MRSA, CDiff and more.  We apply this using an electrostatic spraying system, insuring complete coverage.

3.  Wipe down Active Touch Points with our PerfectClean cloth wipes with anti-microbial protection built in and designed to remove all the germs, bacteria and pathogens inactivated by SNiPER.

4.  Treatment with Bio-Protect 500 long-term antimicrobial preventative.  This coats the surface after the disinfectant is applied providing 90 days or more of germ and bacteria killing protection.

5.  Coordination with janitorial staff for optimal application schedule.

6.  Ongoing monitoring of contamination levels as needed. ATP testing enables you to determine how well your staff is doing its job – and to proudly show your guests and the public how much you care about their health.

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